5 Best Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away When Camping

One of the most common complaints about nature is insects. There are spiders, bees and ants, but the culprits and hindrances of camping are mosquitoes. The discomfort that buzzes in your ears and makes you feel itchy can haunt you on the go.

However, we've compiled a list of great tips to keep you away from these critters, protect your skin and keep your travels fun.

Read on to find out our best ways to keep mosquitoes away while camping!

something that attracts mosquitoes
Body temperature and lactic acid - Mosquitoes respond to increased body temperature and release of lactic acid. Exercising outdoors or hiking in the woods are the best bait for these vampires.
Smell - Mosquitoes are known to love the aromatic scents in deodorants and perfumes, but they are also attracted to human body odors.
Peak hours of the day - Most mosquitoes tend to be active at night and prefer cooler temperatures. They also go out at sunrise and sunset, and less so on a hot day.
High Season - Mosquitoes are less common in winter as they rarely reach temperatures below 50°F. After thawing, they emerge in late spring and early summer, with abundant water flow in rivers and ponds in winter. Then they hide in late summer and fall to prepare for winter. Every region is different, so make sure to research your entire mosquito season based on where you live and where you travel.

Water - Like most animals, mosquitoes need water to survive. Mosquitoes are known to prefer stagnant bodies of water, such as swamps and ponds. They also like slow-flowing rivers and lakes, or just about anywhere with calm water.
Light - Most bugs are attracted to light sources. Mosquitoes hunt by sight first, so flashlights, searchlights, and lanterns will grab their attention and bring them to you.

Interesting Facts About Mosquitoes
Female mosquitoes bite because they need protein in their blood to lay their eggs.
Eating bananas won't attract mosquitoes; it's a fairy tale. (On the other hand, no evidence eating garlic and onions repels them.)
Mosquitoes hunt by sight but are also attracted to the carbon dioxide emitted by humans, especially when we start to get short of breath.
People's genes determine how "tasty" a person is and how often they get bitten, but no one knows why.
You are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes after drinking beer. Again, no one knows why this is happening.
Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors because they stand out more in nature.
Crane flies, commonly known as "mosquitoes," don't actually eat mosquitoes. They are really just aloof, attracted to your lights and accidentally fly into your face.

stagnant water

The Best Ways to Repel Mosquitoes While Camping

1. Set up a camp
Try to set up camp away from standing water. This includes large puddles. Mosquitoes love good shorelines, and sometimes it's best to camp away from scenic lakes to protect your skin from bites.

They also prefer moisture-rich terrain, such as tall grass and lands that require a lot of moisture for vegetation and plants to grow. Try setting your location in a drier area to minimize contact with these vampires.

2. Leave the smell behind
Mosquitoes love the smell of cities. Mosquitoes love deodorants, perfumes, and other scents that we find pleasant. I have hiked many times and have gotten the most mosquito bites near my armpits, on my shoulder blades and on my upper arms. If you're backpacking, it's best to try an unscented deodorant, or even forgo your city's needs to avoid attracting mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are also attracted to your body odor. While it feels more like a lose-lose situation, they prefer less body odor. Wash and clean to neutralize your odor after a long day of hiking and outdoor activities in the sun. This avoids mistakes.

Old lady legend says that eating bananas produces an odor that attracts mosquitoes, while eating onions and garlic does the opposite. These aren't true and there's no proof, so there's no need to skip potassium and make your breath smell bad.


fire and smoke

3. Cozy by the fire
One of our greatest luxuries is our better defense against enemies we hate. Mosquitoes don't like the heat of the fire that keeps us warm. But it's really smoke that mosquitoes don't like. While it releases a lot of carbon, the smoke repels mosquitoes, and a little smell on clothing and skin can keep these bugs away for a long time.

Mosquito bites through clothes

4. Bind and wear your clothes
Try adding an extra layer if you feel like you're being swallowed up. While mosquitoes can still bite through clothing, its success may be more preventative. The thicker the layer, the better. When night falls and the temperature drops, the more layers, the better the anti-bite effect.

When things go bad and mosquitoes are buzzing in your ears, a head mesh attached to a hat is a layered way to not get too hot. Head nets also allow you to wear them protected and breathe freely without suffocating you.

5. Relax in a comfortable and safe tent
Unzip and close your tent door! Your tent can be your sanctuary when you need a breather from bugs. Sometimes curled up in a tent to read for an hour with no mistakes, which is nice. If you need some ideas to pass the time, we've got some game ideas for you (and some others if you're in a high mood).

If you're camping without a tent, don't forget to bring a mosquito net! Some hammocks come with nets to protect you, while others require you to purchase nets.

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