Camping Hygiene: 3 Tips to Maintain Hygiene In The Great Outdoors

One of the challenges everyone faces when camping is maintaining hygiene. Whether you're camping in the wilderness or living in a permanent camp facility with restrooms, running water, and more, keeping yourself and your belongings clean can often be a daunting task. While covering yourself with mud and dust is an important part of the overall camping experience, there is a fine line between soiling and a lack of hygiene. Therefore, you must try to keep as clean as possible while travelling. Here are some tips to help you:

Carry a Portable Sink
Portable sinks are a godsend for campers who value outdoor hygiene and cleanliness. In the sink, you can not only wash your hands and face but also wash the dishes after preparing a delicious camping meal. At Deluxe Camping, we offer versatile portable sinks with hands-free, self-contained systems. It comes with a built-in water tank and even has a soap dispenser.

Shower in a tent
Summer camping lets you enjoy a natural dip, especially if you have access to water. On the other hand, winter can be more demanding. Cold temperatures may not allow you to enjoy an outdoor bathing experience, so you'll have to look for alternatives. The tent shower is perfect as it will enable you to enjoy a hot, pressurized shower inside your tent. Check out our luxury tent showers equipped with hot water pressure showers.

Bring enough clothes on the trip.
Camping is bound to make you sweat, and if you don't want to wear the same clothes every day, you'll need to have a few extras on hand. While it may be tempting to bring light clothes for your camping trip, you need to have enough spare clothes to last you the duration of your trip. Even if you wear more petite outerwear, you still need to change your underwear and socks two or three times.

Enhance your camping experience with Deluxe Camping's innovative portable sinks and tent showers. Visit our online store to find the highest quality portable washbasins and other camping essentials.

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